Top freezer

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  • c04f7bd5-16bc-4749-96e9-63f2af4ed8ec


Top-freezer refrigerator defrost capacity: 80L,93L,95L,108L,138L,148L,168L,175L,195L,220L,225L, 212L,260L,308L,400L etc. Which 80L,108L,138L,212L260L,308L are the hot sale model.

Top freezer no frost capacity:200L,208L,248L,268L,283L,329L,420L,500L etc. There all popular in the market,especially 500L.

We provide options like: handle;door color and material;water dispenser;lock and key etc;outside condenser. We was established cooperation with more than 100 countries and regions. Like SAMSUNG, SCHNEIDER , AKAI, NIKAI, WESTPOINT, SUPER GENERAL etc famous brands,besides,we have CB,CE,GS,DOE,UL,SAA,SASO and other international certifications, we have passed ISO9001, ISO14000, OHS18000, BSCI etc, which ensure production, operation and quality. More Information.