French Door

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French door refrigerator: 525L;558L;740L etc.

Electronic control with LED design,full frost free design,interior LED light,multi-air flow, water dispenser and ice maker options,Double temperature double control,refrigerator,freezer temperature can be individually controlled.
Quick frozen to retain fresh,independent cooling fan in the freezer compartment,air-conditioning allows rapid cycle of rapid freezing in a short period of time,for a long time to keep food fresh and nutrition.VC fresh,innovative VC fresh technology,preset block of VC fresh in the cold wind under fast,evening distributed to the freezer, to enhance the generation of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables,increasing surface humidity,fresh taste is not lost.Chilled,frozen intelligent variable temperature,equipped with artificial intelligence control program,through the built-in temperature sensing device automatically sense and regulate the temperature change,based on different food fresh demand,set a variety of fresh mode selection,perfect to enjoy the endless fresh experience.

We was established cooperation with more than 100 countries and regions. Like LG, Samsung, Siemens, SWAN etc famous brands,besides,we have CE,CE,GS,DOE,UL,SAA,SASO and other international certifications, we have passed ISO9001, ISO14000, OHS18000, BSCI etc, which ensure production, operation and quality.More Information.