What are the Pros & Cons of a Side-by-Side Refrigerator?

Understanding the pros and cons of the side-by-side refrigerator will help you determine if this style is right for you.


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Many people say they prefer the look of side-by-side refrigerators. When the time comes to buy a new refrigerator, some consumers choose to purchase a model with the refrigerator and freezer sections side by side rather than the more traditional style with the freezer on top and the refrigerator below. But is that style always the right choice in terms of convenience, efficiency, and accessibility?

When you invest in a new refrigerator, you expect to have that appliance in your home for many years to come. To ensure that you make the right buying decision, it pays to know the pros and cons of a side-by-side refrigerator before you have it delivered.

Pros of a Side-by-Side Refrigerator

1. Refrigerator Organization

You can place commonly used items at the level most convenient for you and your family.If you have kids constantly opening the refrigerator to reach for snacks and drinks, having these items located within easy reach means less time holding the door open while trying to get what they want. Conversely, if there are foodstuffs or beverages that you prefer to keep out of reach of small children, you have the flexibility of placing them on a higher shelf.

2. Food in the Freezer is Less Likely to be Buried and Lost

Digging in the freezer to find a needed item or just trying to see what’s in the fridge can be frustrating. The freezer on the side offers significant shelf space, making everyone’s selections easier to locate and reach. While some may wonder if they will lose their energy efficiency by making browsing in the freezer more appealing. You will likely recover lost items by making popular items easier to find and cutting down on discarded food due to freezer burn.

3. Doors Need Less Room to Swing Open

Side-by-side refrigerators are a fabulous choice for narrow kitchens and small spaces. In kitchens where space is at a premium, having doors that require less sweep area is a definite bonus.

4. Water and Ice Dispenser on the Door

Perhaps the single most popular benefit of the side-by-side refrigerator is the ability to get water and ice on demand without opening the doors. Most consumers feel this added convenience alone makes the side by side the model of choice, especially when factoring in the cost savings from leaving the doors closed while dispensing.

Cons of a Side-by-Side Refrigerator


Despite their many advantages, side-by-side refrigerators have a few disadvantages that you should factor into any purchasing decision.

1. Ice and Water Dispensers Require Upkeep

Suppose you select a side-by-side appliance because you want the dispensers. In that case, the first consideration is making sure that the area where you will place the refrigerator has a plumbing connection. In some older homes or apartments, this could pose a problem. Also, water lines and filters need maintenance, so make sure you are prepared to replace filters or have water lines repaired if needed.

2. Side-by-Side Refrigerators are Wider than Top Freezer Styles

Most side-by-side refrigerators are 36-inches wide. There are smaller options available. However, choosing a smaller side-by-side refrigerator over a top or bottom freezer style will compromise capacity space.

Measure carefully to ensure there is enough room for the model you want. With standard size kitchens, this is a non-issue. However, a bigger fridge in small spaces means you might lose counter space to make room for it.

3. Large Items Might Not Fit

What you gain in organization, you lose in shelf-width. While the side-by-side refrigerator has many benefits, one major complaint from consumers is the lack of space for large items. Holiday dinners, in particular, pose a problem.

Sometimes you can rearrange shelves to increase capacity, but occasionally, large items simply will not fit. Even though most families do not need that kind of room daily, it bears keeping in mind for those times when space may become a problem.

Post time: Apr-21-2023