Why do more and more people choose a side by side refrigerator?

The COVID-19 has abruptly affected economies, society and people’s lives, leading to a paradigm shift in consumer lifestyles. Overnight, our lives became centered on the home. This has led to a massive change in consumer behaviour across the country and these behavioral changes are irreversible. The impact of shifting consumer behaviour is being felt across industries, especially home appliances, as a greater percentage of consumers spend a large chunk of their time at home. In terms of the effect the pandemic has exerted on the home appliances market, compared with the former, customers attach more importance to a larger capacity.

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Upgrading to a larger-capacity home refrigerator gives customers more cubic feet of storage for family-favorite fresh foods like meat, dairy and produce, as well as prepared foods and leftovers. If they have a large family, this extra storage space can help ensure that they have plenty for everyone while storing more essentials. With a large capacity refrigerator, the user can stock up on food and cut down on trips to the grocery store.

With this growing trend, side by side refrigerators gains popularity among customers.

A side-by-side will give you more interior storage than a comparable French door model — about 20% more. And more space is allocated to the freezer, leaving around 25% less space for the refrigerated section. If you tend to freeze a lot of food, cook meals in bulk ahead of time, or store any leftovers, then you may appreciate the convenience, extra space and organization that side-by-sides offer. The column of vertical shelves makes it easier to see what you have on hand, and you can organize frozen foods by shelf.

Besides, if you want the convenience of an indoor ice or water dispenser, you’ll have significantly more options in this camp.

Apart from the fact that they are large, their asymmetrical proportions and sleek, contemporary lines can make them a smart design choice in more modern kitchens. Also, the smaller freezer door doesn’t swing out too far, which can solve some space-planning issues if your refrigerator is in a tight space or up against a door jamb.




Even though more and more people are fond of side by side refrigerators, when they come to you for a advice, you’d better not rush to the conclusion. You need to suggest them measuring the available space they hope to fill with the new refrigerator first. Don’t forget to remind them to take into consideration access points as well if it will need to fit through a door or travel up to a flight of stairs. Nobody want to buy a new fridge only to discover they can’t actually get it into the kitchen.

And meanwhile, don’t forget to tell them the convenience brought by a side by side refrigerator comes at a price: Half of the contents of the freezer are below waist level. Another thing to bear in mind is the larger the fridge, the more energy it will use. Thus it’s important to consider the energy star rating when making a choice.




For the customers that plan to buy a side by side refrigerator, after measuring the kitchen and space, other features also need considering include ventilation, temperature/humidity controls, water and ice dispensers.

Ventilation: Fridges and freezers produce quite a bit of heat. If the customers squeeze their fridge into a space that’s too small, this heat will have nowhere to go and they will risk overheating the appliance. It may cause damage to the appliances. The amount and the side of ventilation space required for a fridge or freezer varies depending on the model and the manufacturer, but 2cm on either side and 3cm at the top and back is a good rule of thumb.

Temperature/Humidity Controls: Most models of side by side fridges feature electronic temperature controls which enable excellent temperature precision.

Post time: Apr-14-2023